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Alan's haunting novel of the AIDS epidemic, As If Death Summoned, was released on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2020, and has won the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards. Watch the book trailer here. Read the reviews here.


Hanya Yanagihara


For a while, they would mourn him, because they were good people, the best, and he was sorry for that—but eventually they would see that their lives were better without him in it. They would see how much time he had stolen from them; they would understand what a thief he had been, how he had suckled away all their energy and attention, how he had exsanguinated them. He hoped they would forgive him; he hoped they would see that this was his apology to them. He was releasing them—he loved them most of all, and this was what you did for people you loved: you gave them their freedom.

                                       from  A Little Life



Ta-Nehisi Coates

Spiegel & Grau


That was the week you learned that the killers of Michael Brown would go free. The men who had left his body in the street like some awesome declaration of their inviolable power would never be punished. It was not my expectation that anyone would ever be punished. But you were young and still believed. You stayed up until 11 p.m. that night, waiting for the announcement of an indictment, and when instead it was announced that there was none you said, “I’ve got to go,” and you went into your room, and I heard you crying.

                  from  Between the World and Me



Jane Hirschfield

Alfred A Knopf


The desire of monks and mystics is not unlike that of artists: to perceive the extraordinary within the ordinary by changing not the world but the eyes that look. Within a summoned and hybrid awareness, the inner reaches out to transform the outer, and the outer reaches back to transform the one who sees. Catherine of Sienna wrote in the fourteenth century, “All the way to heaven is heaven”…to form the intention of new awareness is already to transform and be transformed.

from  Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World.



Ellen Urbani

Forest Avenue Press


“What were they doing?” asked Gertrude.
“What do you mean? What was
who doing?”
“The marchers. What’d they do that caused the police to get involved?”
“Nothing,” Rose said, drawing out each syllable for emphasis. “That’s the point. They weren’t doing anything ‘cept walking cross a bridge.”
“Go on,” Gertrude prodded. “You know they had to be doing something wrong. Police don’t go interfering with people for no reason.”
Rose sucked in a deep breath, cemented her arms across her chest, and snapped, “Not people who look like you and me.”

                                      from  Landfall


Erik Larson

Crown Publishers


“I took my position at the periscope again,” Schwieger told his friend Max Valentiner. “The ship was sinking with unbelievable rapidity. There was terrific panic on her deck. Overcrowded lifeboats, fairly torn from their positions, dropped into the water. Desperate people ran helplessly up and down the decks. Men and women jumped into the water and tried to swim to empty, overturned lifeboats. It was the most terrible sight I have ever seen…too horrible to watch, and I gave orders to dive to twenty meters, and away.”

                                   from  Dead Wake


Graeme Simsion
Simon & Schuster

You can buy The Rosie Project on Amazon here.


Gene and Claudia tried for a while to assist me with the Wife Problem. Unfortunately, their approach was based on the traditional dating paradigm, which I had previously abandoned on the basis that the probability of success did not justify the effort and negative experiences. I am thirty-nine years old, tall, fit, and intelligent, with a relatively high status and above-average income as an associate professor. Logically, I should be attractive to a wide range of women. In the animal kingdom, I would succeed in reproducing.

                                            from  The Rosie Project



Andrew Levy

Simon & Schuster


Huck Finn is a mess, a hodgepodge. Parts of the book are ‘fun,’ and parts are traumatic, and parts are ‘real,’ and parts are implausible, and parts are written for children, and parts for adults, and the ghosts of all this playfulness persist: a study at Penn State in 1983 found that, even after ‘weeks of serious study,’ approximately one-third of all students missed the ‘satire’ and still saw Huck Finn as ‘an adventure story.’

                          from  Huck Finn’s America


Cheryl Strayed

Alfred A. Knopf

Uncertain as I was as I pushed forward, I felt right in my pushing, as if the effort itself meant something. That perhaps being midst the undesecrated beauty of the wilderness meant I too could be undesecrated, regardless of what I’d lost or what had been taken from me, regardless of the regrettable things I’d done to others or myself or the regrettable things that had been done to me. Of all the things I’d been skeptical about, I didn’t feel skeptical about this: the wilderness had a clarity that included me.

                                          from  Wild


Tana French



This year, everyone gets ready for the Court like they’re getting ready for the Oscars….You like so totally have to have your hair either straightened to death or else brushed into a careful tangle, and fake tan all over and an inch of foundation on your face and half a pack of smoky eye shadow around each eye, and super-soft-super-skinny jeans and Uggs or Converse, because otherwise someone might actually be able to tell you apart from everyone else and obviously that would make you a total loser.

                               from  The Secret Place


Jonathan Safran Foer

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


I asked her, “Could we kiss a little bit?” “Excuse me?” she said, although, on the other hand, she didn’t pull her head back. “It’s just that I like you, and I think I can tell that you like me.” She said, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Disappointment #4. I asked why not. She said, “Because I’m forty-eight and you’re twelve.” “So?” “And I’m married.” “So?” … She said, “You’re a sweet, sweet boy.” I said, “Young man.”

            from  Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close