Foxglove Moments

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Foxglove Moments

Foxglove is the name of my property, five acres overlooking the Lewis River Valley that was covered with the wildflower when I first moved here in 1996. 


















I watch the hummingbirds fight over the feeder, flaring their feathers at each other. Such territorial little fellows!

"There's more than enough for all of you," I want to tell them. "Have you considered sharing maybe?"

From what I see, they never really attack each other. Just a lot of hovering and zipping about with feather-flaring, trying to show who's the alpha hummingbird of the hillside. Almost human.








[First posted: July 9, 2014]




















They zip, swoosh, and buzz-thrum about my head as I refill their feeders.

Cheeky little fellows!

I tell them, "Really, you want to be nice to me."






[First posted: July 15, 2014]



This time of year
I see foxgloves every day
as I go to work,
as I come home from work,
as I walk around this hillside.

But sometimes--
maybe it's a certain slant of light,
or a certain slant of mood--
I see through the lens
of the miraculous,
and it's heart stopping
(or starting.)



[First posted: July 17, 2014]



Can't think of a better place to meditate.


No wonder the frogs around my pond
are always so serene.






















[First posted: July 19, 2014]



















 Well named:
regal in splendor,
reigning in beauty.





[First posted: July 22, 2014]





One can solve almost any problem simply by reframing it. 

Old: How to make the bird feeder squirrel-proof?











New: The squirrel feeder works perfectly!

Problem solved.

(And the squirrels are generously sharing it with the birds.)









[First posted: July 24, 2014]



Recently there's been an awful lot of flirtatious tail-twitching going on from one of the squirrels. She twitches her tail and barks, twitches her tail and barks.

The other squirrel lounges next to the pool, seemingly oblivious to the signals.

"Look, man," I tell him, "she wants you. Go for it!"

He continues lying supine, showing absolutely no interest.


More tail-twitching. More barking. Still no movement.

"Really, you're missing an incredible opportunity here!"


Could be due to wearing a heavy fur coat in this heat, I suppose.








[First posted: July 28, 2014]















At times it amazes me that I can receive so much beauty, pleasure and wonder

for a little sugar and some water.






[First posted: July 30, 2014]




Not exactly for whom the birdbath was intended
but, um, make yourself at home,
I guess...















[First posted: August 1, 2014]


















Such extraordinary shapes and colors...

You just know that Nature must be working with the right side of her brain.





[First posted: August 3, 2014]