Foxglove Moments

Foxglove Moments

Foxglove is the name of my property, five acres overlooking the Lewis River Valley that was covered with the wildflower when I first moved here in 1996. 

July 22, 2014


Well named:
regal in its splendor,
reigning in beauty.



July 24, 2014



One can solve almost any problem simply by reframing it to see the world in a new way.

Old: How to make the bird feeder squirrel-proof?

New: The squirrel feeder works perfectly!

(and the squirrels are generously sharing it with the birds.)

Problem solved!







July 28, 2014



Recently there has been an awful lot of flirtatious tail-twitching going on from one of the squirrels. She twitches her tail and barks, twitches her tail and barks.

The other squirrel lounges next to the pool (birdbath.)

"Look, man," I tell him, "she wants you. Go for it!"

He continues lying supine, showing absolutely no interest.

More tail-twitching. Still no movement.

"Really, you're missing an incredible opportunity here!"

Could be due to wearing a heavy fur coat in this heat, I suppose.


July 30, 2014


At times it amazes me that I can receive so much beauty, pleasure and wonder for a little sugar and some water.






August 1, 2014


Not exactly for whom the birdbath was intended
but, um, make yourself at home I guess...




August 3, 2014




Such extraordinary shapes and colors...

You just know that Nature must be working with the right side of her brain.







August 9, 2014



At times, this valley reminds me that there are many layers to the world. And what we see is usually only the surface.

At times I need reminding.


August 14, 2014


A multi-purpose feeder--three in one!--for only one price.




August 18, 2014


Yesterday I was wandering this hillside with the spirit of e.e. cummings close by,

( i thank you God for most this amazing day... )

as hummingbirds hovered and hummed and zipped about.

Poets make good company, often expressing our experiences and feelings and insights better than we can ourselves.

So I borrow their words, seemingly tailor-made to fit a certain moment, and make them my own.






August 22, 2014




In nature, it's all
about balance.