Foxglove Moments



Recently, on a dreary afternoon
in the bleak of winter,
I, made snowbound by a sudden storm,
was writing at my desk,
when there experienced that uncanny sense
that I was being watched.

Pausing my pen, I turned with growing apprehension
to the glum gray light outside my window,
and there didst behold two glowing orbs staring out of the dusk.
"Fiend!" I cried. "Infernal fowl who haunts my dreams!"
(Okay, maybe I was a little overdramatic.)
"What message bring you from that other world?"

I braced myself for the specter to speak the dreaded curse of
Or maybe, Anymore?

But spake it not. Neither did the apparition depart,
but kept its unholy vigil outside my window, staring,
forever staring with its red demonic eyes.
Which actually turned out to be the ruby underparts on the hummingbird's throat. 

But still kind of spooky.




[First posted: January 9, 2016]



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