Foxglove Moments

March 27, 2015


Much of the time, wherever I go, I am glancing,
glancing here, glancing there,
eyes bouncing about.

Yesterday I glanced at my magnolia tree as I passed by and thought "Pretty."

A bunch of pretty blossoms.

But sometimes something grabs, holds and shakes me: "Pay attention!"
Not a 'bunch,' but a multitude of unique creations uniquely unfolding.








And not 'pretty'--Something far more inexpressible, beyond words, is happening here.
And you almost missed it.

So I'm training myself to break the habit of glancing and instead to "see" what I'm looking at...

which requires attention (and attending),

which in turn requires slowing down,

which (often) requires a change in my original plan,

which might mean changing my goal for this moment,

or for this day,

or for this life.