Foxglove Moments

March 2, 2015


From the top of this hill, my road plunges to the valley below.


It is so steep that it requires a four-wheel drive vehicle to make it up to my house.


It's even steeper walking up.




When snow is forecast, I park my car at the foot of my hill so I can make it out to the county road, a mile away. More than three inches of snow, and my road becomes a toboggan run.


Brothers Mike and Rick Lynch and Mike's grandson Jonathan graded and rocked the road this past week, taking advantage of the unseasonably un-winter weather we have been enjoying.



It's been about nine years since it was last done, and was in bad need of repair.












Rick graded the road with his cat, and Mike delivered four loads of crushed rock. The road was in fact so steep that Rick needed to chain up to Mike's truck with his cat, holding and lowering him down so he could dump the rock.


When they were finished, Rick said it was the steepest road they had ever worked.


Made me kind of proud.