Foxglove Moments

January 25, 2015

[Thoughts on discovering the quartz I placed on a stump years ago.]


There is this hunger to see the world in a new way.

To break out of the rut of one's daily being--following the same routines, thinking the same thoughts, talking with the same people about the same things.

Comfort and security--not to be underrated--can become cozy prisons of the mind, and one longs for the unfamiliar, for the untried and unthought, for the yet unlived dream.

Like Tennyson's Ulysses, the spirit yearns to leave the comfort and security of the known world--to be shaken up, to be knocked off-balance, to not know what's going to happen tomorrow--and to set off into the unexplored unknown, expectant.

Ultimately, our salvation may not lie in changing the world, but in changing our perceptions of it, and in doing so, find that we have thereby also changed the world.