Foxglove Moments

Foxglove Moments

July 9, 2014

 I watch the hummingbirds fight over the feeder, flaring their feathers at each other. Such territorial little fellows!

"There's more than enough for all of you. Have you considered sharing maybe?"

From what I can see, they never really attack each other. Just a lot of hovering and feather-flaring and zipping around, trying to show who's the alpha hummingbird of the hillside.







July 15, 2014



They zip, swoosh and buzz-thrum about my head when I try to refill their feeders.

Cheeky little fellows!

I tell them, Really, you want to be nice to me.



July 17, 2014



This time of year I see foxgloves every day--
as I go to work,
as I come home from work,
as I walk around this hillside--
but sometimes,
maybe it's a certain slant of light,
I see through the lens of the miraculous,
and it's heart stopping (or starting.)



July 19, 2014



Can't think of a better place to meditate.


(The frogs around my pond are particularly serene.)