Memories Out of Season

July 30, 2015
















For the past four months I have been working with a fantastic team of volunteers to raise $200,000 by July 31 for the Emergency Support Shelter, to be matched by a very generous donor.

Two days left and we are within $1000 of our goal—which means $400,000 for our domestic violence shelter in Cowlitz County!

In a final push to reach the goal, I am calling on all my friends (both of you) to consider donating $10 or $20 to this good cause (Okay, $100 if you insist.)

Here is the link to donate:…


And if you need further convincing, read Executive Director Sherrie Tinoco’s article in The Daily News (“We witness the worst and the best in people…”):…/article_0e837e2a-dd85-522b-9c23-4cc64ae841…



PHOTO: So what does my flowering prairie crabapple in springtime have to do with the Emergency Support Shelter? Just a symbol of hope and new life for the women and children who take refuge at our shelter.

Thanks for your consideration!