Memories Out of Season


October 23, 2013

Spent Saturday evening at the family property on Lake Merwin with my brother Gary and sister(in-law) Kris .

Soup and salad and then a game of Scrabble as the mountain glowed in the north and the harvest moon rose orange in the northeast.

 Kris trounced us once again in a series of humiliating defeats. To be expected. It’s in her genes.


She comes from a long line of ardent and ruthless Scrabble players who honed their skills over generations.

I had never played cut-throat Scrabble before meeting Kris and her family. They're from the small town of Elgin in eastern Oregon, so like, what else was there for them to do?

And I thought of all the Scrabble games the three of us have played together over some 40+ years…

Rich memories, savory soup, huge harvest moon. Perfect evening.