Foxglove Moments

Foxglove Moments

Foxglove is the name of my property, five acres overlooking the Lewis River Valley that was covered with the wildflower when I first moved here in 1996. 

July 17, 2013


Just grateful to witness it...













July 14, 2013



For months I have pondered the mystery--Who was stealing the suet cakes I put out for the birds?

Raccoons are the usual suspects, but this morning I received incontrovertible proof!



July 8, 2013



Over the years I have seen many fawns up here, but never one so tiny! The size of a small dog, he's obviously new to the world, hanging close to his mother, nuzzling in to whatever she is eating at the moment, constantly under foot. Curiosity on four legs.

A little grace note to life on this hillside.


















July 7, 2013



The last of the rhododendrons act as reminders of life's beauty and its brevity, and, too, of renewal and eternal recurrence.
(See you next year!)











July 3, 2013


Every once in a while the mystical breaks through, momentarily illuminating the mundane, and in that moment we see what has always been there.









June 30, 2014


In the last years of his life, my father and I spent many hours together working on this hillside. When he died, the mountain irises were out in abundance, arrayed in all their lavender glory.

And now every year as we edge toward summer, they appear in their simple and unpretentious elegance, a fitting memorial to a gentle and unpretentious man.

Much better than a gravestone, I think; this hillside, more beautiful than any cemetery.