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Alan's haunting novel of the AIDS epidemic, As If Death Summoned, was released on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2020, and has won the Foreword INDIES LGBT Book of the Year Award. Watch the book trailer here. Read the reviews here.


This week I was invited to read to Bev Becerra's HeadStart class at the Broadway School in Longview. I wondered: Should I read excerpts from Tales of Tokyo? Or maybe The Legacy of Emily Hargraves?--everyone loves a ghost story.

In the end, I settled on Princess Priscilla, written by a good friend of mine from my Australia years, Stacey Apeitos.

Wise choice. A feisty princess, a hungry dragon, and 1,000 pancakes--Hard combination to beat.

They were riveted to the rug.






[First posted: November 9, 2013]

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