Foxglove Moments

Foxglove Moments

We have this understanding, the deer and I.

When I first bring plants home from the nursery,

I leave them out overnight.

If they are still there in the morning, I plant them.

If they aren't, I don't



[First posted: August 10, 2019]



Sitting out on the hillside enjoying summer.
Very still this evening.
Suspiciously still.
Where is everyone?
No squirrels? No chipmunks?
(The feeders are full.)
No jays, no junkos,
no chickadees, robins or wrens?
Not even flies.

Maybe I didn't get the memo?



[First posted: July 11, 2019]

We all have to face it: Some things are not meant to be.




[First published: June 2, 2019]


The chipmunks and I are developing a very special relationship.

I think of them as my little woodland friends.

They think of me as a primary food source.

We're very close.




[First posted: September 30, 2018]


Storm surge.

Light layered between darkness.

Sunset seems steeped in significance...
Or maybe just one of those days
when anything can be a metaphor for something else.

I really need to stop fretting about the next four years.





 [First posted: November, 2016]