Foxglove Moments

Foxglove Moments


Any moment now...


I notice again
as if for the first time
one season turning
toward the next
with everything
about to happen.

     Tim Nolan





First posted: February 29, 2020



These tracks tell me:

You are not as alone
up here
as you think
you are.














First posted: February 13, 2020



Amid winter's glum monochromes 
come moments of
glorious color.











First posted: January 16, 2020




At day's end

a certain slant of light

turns the world


and mysterious.













First posted: December 26, 2019




I come into the peace of wild things,

I come into the presence of still water,

I rest in the grace of the world,

and am free.

                         Wendell Berry











[First posted: November 3, 2019]