September 2016 – A Chat with Margaret Malone

Book Chat host Alan Rose talks with Portland Author Margaret Malone, PEN Hemingway finalist for her short story collection People Like You.      

April 2016 – A Chat with Short Story Writer and Editor Liz Prato

Book Chat host Alan Rose talks with short story writer and editor Liz Prato.      

January 2016 – A Chat with Playwright Caroline Wood

Book Chat host Alan Rose  talks with  playwright Caroline Wood and the cast of her play “Uncommon Wings”, which was recently performed at Stageworks in Longview. Book Review: The Witches, Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff

December 2015 – A Chat with Kate Dyer-Seeley

Book Chat host Alan Rose  interviews Pacific Northwest Mystery author Kate Dyer-Seeley.      

September 2015 – A Chat with Dan Berne

Book Chat host Alan Rose talks with Oregon writer Dan Berne about his novel The Gods of Second Chances.